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Product Information;

Moka Colour.

  • Capacity 5 Cups / 650ml
  • Brews iced coffee with only ground coffee and water.
  • Put ground coffee in the strainer, set it on the spout and slowly pour in water to brew.
  • Leave in your refrigerator for about eight hours to brew.
  • W 87× D 84× H 300mm 
  • Brewed volume 650mL
  • WEIGHT(incl.individual box)approx. 500g
  • MATERIALGlass bottle
  • Heatproof glassFilter
  • Polyester resinStrainer
  • PolypropyleneRemovable bottle spout, Stopper
  • Silicone rubber

HARIO Filter-In Coffee Bottle - 650ml

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