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Do you take your coffee with scale or without?

A good cleaner and descaler will keep your coffee machine performing at its best and producing great tasting, clean coffee - without the scale!


Routine Descaling & Cleaning is important for any machine. It lifts, dissolves & removes dirt & scale build up in your coffee machine. Suitable for all brands including Bialetti, Jura, Saeco, DeLonghi, Miele, Krups, Sunbeam, Breville, Gaggia, KitchenAid, Franke & others


This powder has been developed for use with commercial & domestic espresso machines in the routine maintenance of back flushing and the removal of coffee oil residue and scum on group heads, valves, lines and associated parts. We recommend that chemical cleaning occurs not more than once a week in a domestic situation. For commercial cafes, cleaning cycles depend upon the volume of coffee being produced on the equipment and in most cases a good once a week clean is adequate.


PLEASE NOTE: This cleaner is a detergent designed to break down rancid coffee oils that adhere to the espresso machine group area (and portafilter handle, basket, etc.). It is not a boiler descaling solution.

Signs of Scale Low water temperature, poor steam performance, poor water flow, machine slow to come to operation temperature.

Espress Group Cleaner Powder 500g

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