The perfect gift for any coffee loving dad!


This package is a great idea for any dad wishing to switch to home brew coffee. It comes with everything you need to get started, including a 5-cup hourglass brewer, a packet of compatible filters, and our store roasted coffee beans ground for immediate use!


The 5-cup hourglass brewer by Brewista can be used to make as much coffee up to 5-cups as you like. It is compatible with virtually any style of coffee filter, so it is very easy to find replacements. The hourglass design also makes it incredibly easy to use, from an easy grip for pouring to a vent tube for consistant brewing. It also looks fantastic and you have the option to switch between two different wraps.


Brewing coffee in this style is very simple, and takes little practice to master. Simply place the filter in the brewer, put in your coffee grounds, and then slowly add hot water in a steady circular motion. 


Brewista Hourglass brewing kit


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