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Make yourself a single cup of espresso quickly and easily with the Bialetti Mini Express 1 Cup. This simple stovetop espresso maker brings rich espresso to your home without the fuss of a fancy machine (or the cost).

This brewer works by forcing water through finely ground coffee and sending the liquid espresso through the spout, which pours the espresso into your cup of choice. As your cup sits on the platform awaiting the espresso, it slowly warms, which keeps your espresso from cooling off too quickly.

Basic Stovetop Espresso Instructions:

  • Grind 8g of coffee at a medium-fine setting and place in the coffee basket.
  • Fill the water reservoir up to the release valve with water (don’t cover it).
  • Place on low-medium heat for 3-5 minutes.
  • When the shot stops pouring from the spout, enjoy.

The brewing process is simple, repeatable, and rewarding – and the 30ml of espresso is delicious, of course.

The Bialetti Mini Express is made with high-quality aluminum and is suitable for use on all stovetops except induction. The BPA-Free plastic handle on the spout allows you to lift the brewer safely, even right after use.

Bialetti Mini Express – 1 Cup Features

Rich, Full-Bodied Espresso – Brews stovetop espresso that’s full-flavored and full-bodied.

Single Espresso Size – Produces 30ml of espresso; perfect for one serving.

Simple Brewing Process – Add coffee, add water, heat, and enjoy.

Direct-To-Cup – Espresso falls directly into your cup of choice, which sits on the convenient cup platform.

Compact Design – The powerful device takes up very little space, making storage a breeze.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Bialetti Mini Express 1 Cup

The Specifics

  • Materials: Aluminum, BPA-Free Plastic
  • Capacity: 1 Cup (30ml)
  • Stovetops: All Except Induction

Bialetti Mini Express

PriceFrom $59.00
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