The Bialetti 3 Cup (140 milliliter) Kremina Macchiato and Espresso Stovetop Coffee Maker features innovative technology, it's the perfect tool for making a variety of coffees.


It's new stand out feature is it's patented whipper device attached to the lid that allows for easy milk frothing once the coffee mixes with the milk. A clever all in one utensil.

The only coffee maker with which you can choose if enjoying a macchiato coffee - by adding 40ml of milk to be whipped with the special plunger - but also a simple frothy coffee without milk.

  • The exclusive coffee machine for preparing coffee with a soft velvety cream
  • Special patented lid
  • Create a macchiato coffee by adding 40ml of milk or a simple frothy coffee
  • 3 cups / 140 ml capacity
The use of Kremina Bialetti only requires a few simple steps.
- To make a creamy macchiato, fill the water tank with water and pour the usual amount of ground coffee into the filter.
- Screw on the upper part
- Remove the lid to add 45 ml of milk.
- Close the lid and place the Kremina on the heat source, wait for the extraction of the coffee and  for the frother part to lift.
- After removing the Kremina from the heat source, operate the plunger by lowering it and quickly lifting it for about 15 seconds.
- Pour the coffee into the cup.

Bialetti Kremina 3 Cup


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