Top of the range - Top Class Milk Frother

Foam blender / Hot milk blender / Milk extender

2 Temp Speed. Stretches and textures milk

Does hot chocolate

Made on a tiny island called Cagliari in Italy


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Product Review

Best milk frother

Bought this two weeks ago and it is by far the best milk frother I have owned. Frothing system is magnetic with spare discs under the base unit. The jug is clear sturdy plastic with a max of 230ml for hot and 250ml for cold. The cold function allows you to make milkshakes, although I haven't tried this function. Two different heat buttons. One is very hot the other is hot. I have found that it froths better with the very hot button and it's not so hot that it burns your tongue. The best part is it's very easy to clean. The jug is dishwasher safe. I just rinse it under the tap after use and it doesn't leave burnt milk at the bottom. It makes enough milk for 2 cups.

Adesso Milk Frother